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Document Library

A digital document archive for U.S. and international D&D related material.

ALARA Center The document library provides a digital archive for storing and retrieving D&D related documents. Documents currently included in the library are current and past Integrated Safety Solutions Center (ISSC) Activity reports from the Savannah River Site, archived activity reports from the Hanford ALARA Center, relevant reports from international D&D community, Applied Research Center’s D&D Technical reports and factsheets, and D&D Knowledge Management Information Update Newsletters.

The user may search these documents using a basic text string search. The basic search allows the user to input a simple word or phrase to return documents containing the search term(s).

Additional documents will soon be added to the library. The Innovative Technology Summary Reports (Green Books) currently linked from the D&D KM-IT home page has moved to the document library. In addition, D&D relevant documents such as Hanford ALARA Center’s fixative list has also been added. The contents of the document library will also increase in the future as registered users contribute to the digital library by uploading documents related to D&D. The documents will go through a custom approval process before being made available on the D&D KM-IT system.


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