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Innovative Technology Summary Reports: Deactivation & Decommissioning

A total of 223 Innovative Technology Summary Reports (ITSRs) have been compiled, ranging in dates from April 1995 to June 2002. Each Innovative Technology Summary Report describes a technology, system, or process that was developed and tested with funding from DOE’s Office of Science and Technology (OST).

Documents (80)
2-D Linear Motion System
Advanced Recyclable Media System
Airborne Laser Induced Fluorescence Imaging
ALARA 1146 Strippable Coating
BetaScintTM Fiber-Optic Sensor for Detecting Strontium-90 and Uranium-238 in Soil
Blade Plunging Cutter
BOA II Asbestos Pipe - Insulation Removal System
Centrifugal Shot Blast System- Site CP5
Centrifugal Shot Blast System
Compact Subsurface Soil Investigation System
Concrete Dust Suppression System
Concrete Shaver
Copper Cable Recycling Technology
Diamond Wire Cutting of the Tokamak Fusion test Reactor Vacuum Vessel
Dual Arm Work Platform Teleoperated Robotics System
E-PERM Alpha Surface Monitor
EMPORE Membrane Separation Technology
En-vac Robotic Wall Scabbler
Excel Automatic Locking Scaffold
Field Transportable Beta Spectrometer
Gamma-Ray Imaging System
Gamma Cam Radiation Imaging System
Gamma Modeler 3-D Gamma-Ray Imaging Technology
Global Positioning Radiometric Scanner System
Heat Stress Monitoring System
High-Speed Clamshell Pipe Cutter
Indoor Radiation Mapping Using the Laser Assisted Ranging and Data System (LARADS)
In Situ Object Counting System
In Situ Underwater Gamma Spectroscopy System
ISOCS for Free Release
Laser Cutting and Size Reduction
Lead Paint Analyzer
Lead Tech Xtract Chemical Decontamination
Liquid Nitrogen-Cooled Diamond-Wire Concrete Cutting
Long Range Alpha Detection for Component Monitoring
Low-Density Cellular Concrete Void Filling
Lumi-Scint Liquid Scintillation Counter
Mobile Automated Characterization System
Mobile Integrated Temporary Utility System
Mobile Work Platform
Modified Brokk Demolition Machine With Remote Operator Console
NITON XL-800 Series Multi-Element Spectrum Analyzer (Alloy Analyzer)
Nochar Petrobond Absorbent Polymer Tritiated Oil Solidification
Non-Intrusive Liquid Level Detection System
NuFab Anti-Contamination Suit
Oxy-Gasoline Torch
Paint Scaler
Personal Ice Cooling System (PICS)
Pipe Crawler Internal Piping Characterization System (demonstrated at ANL Chicago Pile 5)
Pipe Explorer Surveying System
Pipe Inspection Using the BTX-II
Pipe Inspection Using the Pipe Crawler
Pipe Inspection Using the Pipe Crawler (demonstrated at Fernald Plant 1)
Portable Tritium Cleanup Cart
Portable X-Ray, K-Edge Heavy Metal Detector
Portable X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer
Position Sensitive Radiation Monitoring (Surface Contamination Monitor)
Reactor Surface Contamination Stabilization
Remotely Operated Scabbling
Remote Control Concrete Demolition System
Remote Underwater Characterization System
ROSIE - Mobile Robot Worksystem
Rotary Peening with Captive Shot
ROTO PEEN Scaler and VAC PAC System
Sealed-Seam Sack Suits
Self Contained Pipe Cutting Shear
Size Reduction Machine
Soft-Sided Waste Containers
Soft Media Blast Cleaning
Steam Vacuum Cleaning
Surface Contamination Monitor and Survey Information Management System
Surveillance and Measurement System (SAMS)
Swing Reduced Crane Control
System for Tracking Remediation, Exposure, Activities and Materials
Urethane Foam Void Filling
VecLoader HEPA Vacuum Insulation Removal System
Waste Crate and Container Imaging Using the Vehicle and Cargo Inspection System
Wireless Remote Radiation Monitoring System (WRRMS)
XRF Analysis of PCBs and Inorganics
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