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Innovative Technology Summary Reports: TRU Mixed Waste

A total of 223 Innovative Technology Summary Reports (ITSRs) have been compiled, ranging in dates from April 1995 to June 2002. Each Innovative Technology Summary Report describes a technology, system, or process that was developed and tested with funding from DOE’s Office of Science and Technology (OST).

Documents (23)
Acid Digestion of Organic Waste
ARROW-PAK Macroincapsulation
Cyanide Destruction-Immobilization of Residual Sludge
Demonstration of ATG Process for Stabilizing Mercury (260 ppm) Contaminated Mixed Waste
Demonstration of GTS Duratek Process for Stabilizing Mercury Contaminated (260 ppm) Mixed Wastes
Demonstration of NFS DeHg Process for Stabilizing Mercury (260 ppm) Contaminated Mixed Waste
Direct Chemical Oxidation
Graphite Electrode DC Arc Furnace
Membrane System for the Recovery of Volatile Organic Compounds from Remediation of Off-Gases
Mercury Contamination- Amalgamate -Demonstration of DeHg Process
Mercury Contamination Amalgamate- Stabilize Elemental Mercury Wastes
Mixed Waste Encapsulation in Polyester Resins
Multistage Combustion for Removal of NOx from Incinerator Offgas - NOxidizer
Nondestructive Waste Assay Using Combined Thermal Epithermal Neutron Interrogation
Nondestructive Waste Assay Using Gamma-Ray Active and Passive Computed Tomography
Plasma Hearth Process
Polyethylene Macroencapsulation
Stabilization of High Salt Waste Using a Cementitious Process
Stabilization Using Phosphate Bonded Ceramics
Stabilize Ash Using Clemson's Sintering Process
Stabilize High Salt Content Waste Using Polysiloxane Stabilization
Stabilize High Salt Content Waste Using Sol Gel Process
Transportable Vitrification System
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