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About Best Practices

Lessons Learned Module

Within knowledge management, best practices have become a key component during project initiation and subsequent development. Straight talk, good advice, and real-life experience can all prove helpful for ensuring a successful D&D project. Best practices will provide the repository of D&D best practices documents that the user community has uploaded to the D&D KM-IT system. The search will return all the pages that are categorized as best practices from the D&D KM-IT website.

D&D community members can contribute to this digital library. They will have to register with the system and use the best practices module to upload the best practices documents related to the different D&D areas. These uploaded best practices will go through the custom approval process of D&D KM-IT. Once approved, they will be published on D&D KM-IT and can be viewed by the community members. The user uploading the best practices will be responsible for the content and should adhere to the DOE guidelines for sensitivity and information release issues before submitting the best practices document. D&D KM-IT will follow the formal approval process but does not take responsibility for the correctness and sensitivity and other release processes required for publishing the best practices document. This responsibility rests entirely with the user uploading the best practices documents.

The best practices module will have search capabilities based on the database and full text search. The database search will search through the entire best practices database and return results based on the matched search string. It will provide links to the documents to view the details. Documents can be in PDF, Word, Excel or any other format. The full text search will search through the document contents and return results matching the search string. It will provide links to the documents which can be viewed and saved by the user.

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