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Problem Details

Embedded Lead Inserts

Category: Deactivation & Decommissioning > Dismantlement & Material Disposition
Published: 2/3/2011 Last Updated: 4/6/2011

Decom of a Commercial BWR Late 1950’s Nuke plant and we have thousands of Lead Inserts embedded in the concrete that were used to mount gauges and unistrut to the walls. . In past decommissionings they were removed by: 1. Pulling them out from the center (EZ out way) This did not work and just left you with a bag with lead shavings in it and 80% of the insert still embedded into the wall. (Maine Yankee and C.Y.) . 2. Core Boring. This did work but is very time consuming. ( N.A.S.A. Plumbrook Reactor) . 3. Chipping them out with a Hilti Hammer. (After # 1 did not work) This did work but once again is very time consuming. (Maine Yankee and C.Y.) . So the question is what is the Safest and Fastest way to remove the thousands of Embedded Lead Inserts without disturbing the Lead.

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