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Controlled Demolition of Contaminated Piping

Solution entered: 3/10/2008    Solution updated: 3/17/2008

Consider injecting expandable foam or grout into the pipe or fogging with a glycerin-base aerosol fixative. Since it is impossible to accurately predict where the piping would fracture it might be possible to weaken the piping at locations where fracture is desired. Foam could be injected at these locations and a blade plunging cutter with a blunt blade could be used to bend, but not break the piping. Two crimps could be an inch apart so that the pipe would fracture between the crimps. The crimped pipe end would be much less likely to spread contamination. Oak Ridge has had success filling piping with CC PS 413. This product coats the inside of the piping and fixes loose contamination. This product is sold by Instacote, but it doesn't show on their website yet.


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