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Polyurea, Polyurethane or Polymeric Barrier System

Solution entered: 3/11/2008    Solution updated: 3/19/2008

Consider samples of polyurea, polyurethane (Rhino or Line-X pickup coatings) and Polymeric Barrier system (PBS) sold by Bartlett Nuclear Services. Recommend the 109 page report done on polyurea before it was used inside Tank Farms Pits. This report revealed that polyurea was compatible with tank waste, would withstand very high levels of gamma radiation, had proper adhesion strength, and was easily decontaminated. This report is available at http://www5.hanford.gov/pdwdocs/fsd0001/osti/2001/I0006363.pdf or the ALARA Center. Please contact Bartlett and talk to their engineering department about whether the PBS would make a satisfactory sealant for the pit covers.


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