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Inflatable Abatements

Solution entered: 3/12/2008    Solution updated: 3/19/2008

Hanford used a NFS/RPS Vent system (191 CFM) to inflate an enclosure consisting of a long passgeway and four 8' X 10' containments. The enclosure was made by Lanc's Industries. It worked very well and was much easier to install by inflating. Once the containment was inflated, workers entered and installed scaffolding inside. If you have a small job inside a facility you can go to Inflatable Abatements at (207) 746-9551. They don't have a website but you can ask for brochures and their videotapes showing how easy it is to install their containments and glovebags. We have used these containments at WRAP and Building 325 and they worked very well. If they are used outside, they are so light they will be affected by wind and weather.


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