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Stack Characterization

Solution entered: 6/19/2008    Solution updated: 6/26/2008

Characterization: DOE’s Decommissioning Handbook contains information about Characterization (Section 7), Demolition (Section 10) and Section 11 on Remote Technology. See link. Surveying the inside will be difficult. Options include opening instrument lines or any other openings in the stack and swabbing the inside. Additional openings can be core drilled through the stack wall and swabs taken from the inside. Recommend reading the attached articles that contain info about D&D and stacks. Controlling Contamination Spread: Recommend reading the success story on the Encapsulation Technologies website. See photos of the BROKK Demolition Machine. The BROKK was suspended 100’ off the ground and run remotely from a nearby building. At Hanford we have removed stacks using explosives. The company was Controlled Demolition Inc. See their website and click on "Chimneys”. A detailed IAEA report has been issued on Dismantling Contaminated Stacks; See link


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