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Fixative Solution for Metal Corrugated

Solution entered: 7/7/2008    Solution updated: 7/7/2008

A list of fixatives used at Hanford is attached. The one you choose depends on several factors. For example, how much prep work is necessary? How long does the fixative need to last? Fixatives in common use include dust suppressants, which would wash off quickly. A more permanent fixative would be Polymeric Barrier System (PBS)sold by Bartlett Services. If that doesn't work I'd consider the use Polyurea spray coating or pickup bed coatings from Rhino Lining or Line-X. These would be more permanent. There are several products used to seal the roofs of mobile homes. Suggest checking with a local hardware store to see which are sold in your area. Recommend contacting each company and discussing what prep work is necessary.


For latest revision of List of Fixatives contact larry_o_waggoner@rl.gov or jeffery_l_hunter@rl.gov
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