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Embedded Lead Inserts > Solution Details

Removal of Lead Incerts from Concrete

Solution entered: 3/21/2011    Solution updated: **********

Core drilling dry seems the way to go. Limiting factor is depth. You can get very good production up to about 3 or maybe 4 inches deep with dry bits and a handheld drill. If you are looking at say a 2 inch hole and 3 inches deep you can do this in less than 5 minutes very easily. Dry drill bits range from 1.5 inch up to 6 inch but I would not personally recommend over probably 3 inches. Gets to be hard on a man. Good handheld drill costs about $ 800. 1.5 inch bits run about $ 50. There are many products on the market for vacuum attachments to capture all the drill dust. For more information contact Bob Hulick of Bluegrass at bhulick@bluegrassbit.com. Bluegrass is a recognized leader in concrete cutting in a nuclear environment.


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