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Concrete Cutting in a Small Space

Solution entered: 6/27/2011    Solution updated: **********

The questions and responses were separated out below.
Is there any compact demolition equipment capable of efficiently working in a confined space (1-4 feet) that is able to remove high density reinforced concrete having a concrete strength of 5 kpsi to 7 kpsi?
Off the shelf demolition equipment choices for a space of one to 4 feet may be limited. A small custom build remote demolition (Brokk type) machine may be possible or an extended reach machine might work. However, you may want to consider diamond wire. Diamond wire can be completed remotely after initial set up and has proven itself with reinforced concrete at dams and nuclear plants. Visit Bluegrass at http://bluegrassbit.com/services/contractor/concrete_cutting to see demonstration videos and for more information about concrete cutting. If diamond wire is not a workable solution for you I will need more specific information about how much concrete will need to be cut and information about the work space limitations space such as height, withed and depth before I could recommend other tools and equipment.
Does the device minimize airborne waste generated?
Most demolition equipment will require modifications to mitigate airborne contaminated. It is possible to add spray (water or fixative) to most demolition equipment. It is also possible to utilize stand-alone spray equipment to spray water or fixative into the work space. Please contact me if you would like a copy of the Hanford ALARA Center’s Fixative List.
If a cutting fluid is used, is the fluid contained and/or retrieved by the device?
The use of cutting fluid is dependent on the type of demolition equipment selected. If you are working in a small work area and cutting fluid is required, fluid retrieval may be difficult. You may want to consider lining the area below your work space with a coating or plastic to make retrieval possible after they cut.
Is it remotely operated?
The Brokk type equipment is relatively remote, tethered to cables with the operator well back. Diamond wire is remote after initial set up. Concrete splitting and cutting can also be performed remotely.
Does it have a camera?
Customized Camera systems can be added on to equipment or placed in the work area to provide coverage. Your choice of camera systems will be dependent on the equipment you elect to use.
You can contact me after your initial equipment selections are made and I will provide you a with a few camera system vendor.
The device and its components must be capable of working in a Radiological Control Area. Additionally, please provide any information regarding lessons learned or best industrial practices for removing high density/high strength reinforced concrete.
Most equipment that you would select will be capable of working in radiological areas. However, you may not be able to decontaminate the equipment when the work is completed. Your equipment selection and work methodology will be based on a cost benefit analysis. I would be happy to provide lessons learned and other information after your project team decides on a path forward. Please feel free to contact me directly at Jeffrey_L_Hunter@rl.gov or 509-373-0656 .


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