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Transite Siding D&D Process

Solution entered: 8/15/2011    Solution updated: **********

Hanford has utilized all three of the methodologies that you have listed. The most common approach is to remove the transite siding prior to building demolition. We perform a hazard assessment to identify safety issues and employ ALARA principles to keep people out of harm’s way. We select our approach based on that hazard assessment. If it makes sense to take down the building with the transite intact that’s the process we select. We would then utilize fixatives and spray to mitigate the asbestos during the D&D process. Ruben Trevino (CHPRC D&D – ruben_a_trevino@rl.gov) and Robert Long (DOE RL – Robert.long@rl.doe.gov) have agreed to be your points of contact if you would like to discuss the specific details.


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