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Strippable Coatings and Inspection Technologies

Solution entered: 11/15/2012    Solution updated: 11/15/2012

Strippable coatings are one solution to removing contamination from concrete without involving concrete removal. Three recommended products include CC Strip, ALARA 1146, and DeconGel. Information on each of these can be found in the D&D KM-IT Technology module (links provided). Other available products can be found on the Contamination Control Fixative List found in the D&D KM-IT document library (link provided). The D&D KM-IT Technology Module does include multiple technologies for remote visual inspection as well as remote radiological inspection. These include articulating fibroscopes from GE Inspection Technologies and Everest Ca-Zoom® 6.2 industrial pan-tilt-zoom camera system. Information on surveillance crawlers, such as the Dragon Runner 20 or the Videoray Pro 4, is also available. Remote radiological inspection monitors include the RMD RadCam and the GAMPIX. Links to each of these technologies are provided. Additional technologies can be found by searching the Technology Module by category or by relevant key words.


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