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Fixatives for Use with Soil > Solution Details

Bartlett PBS

Solution entered: 6/4/2013    Solution updated: **********

Although I have disposed of tons of contaminated soil, I have never tried to fix the contamination to the surface, so I sent out an e-mail to some colleagues and got this reply from an RP guru at a current nuke decommissioning. He is very respected in the industry and he speaks at just about every major waste or RP conference every year. His reply is: Actually I think the Bartlett PBS (Polymeric Barrier System or similar material) does a pretty good job of matrixing with the top surface where most of the activity would reside. It also forms a barrier against rainwater driving the activity deeper into the soil. It can then be peeled off to remove a major portion of the activity. The downside is that it only works on open land areas. For cultivated land, wetlands, etc., one would have to carefully remove the interceding material with as little disruption of the soil surface before use of the PBS. The traditional methods of remediation by excavation remove deeper levels and disrupt more, when in fact most of the activity is matrixed into the surface layer of the soil, particularly early on in an event.


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