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Roughen a contaminated surface pit

Solution entered: 2/12/2008    Solution updated: 2/12/2008

FFS did a similar job in another pit. The pit drain was plugged and 3" of water was added to the pit. A Desco Roto-Peen FX Surface tool was modified with a long handle, the air motor rotated to an upright position, plastic sleeving was installed around the air exhaust, and the vacuum cleaner connection taped over. The Plan was to operate the tool submerged in the 3" of water without a vacuum cleaner hose attached. Lessons learned from previous times reveals that the high levels of contamination and paint chips are trapped in the water and don't become airborne as the roto-flex spins in the water. The long handle allows workers to operate the tool and move it around from above the pit.


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