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Expandable Foam > Solution Details

Expandable Foam

Solution entered: 2/13/2008    Solution updated: 2/13/2008

You should look at Instacote website on the internet. I recommend that if you can't get the foam to work to mix Styrofoam pellets with the grout. This is often done at facilities that need to fill the void space in their waste containers but have to pay the burial ground by the pound. Styrofoam + grout = Lightweight Grout. I also recommend that you look at the Website for the Concrete Sawing and Drillers Assn. Click on "Concrete Openings Magazine" and look at back issues. I recommend anyone involved with concrete to signup for the free subscription. It's full of information that D&D people can use and the magazine has a lot more information than the website.


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