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Glovebag made for changing the lids on waste drums

Solution entered: 2/13/2008    Solution updated: 2/13/2008

We know of no one that makes a standard glove bag but you can get any commercial vendor, such as Lanc's Industries to fabricate one. You can consider using a MAC-21 HEPA filtered exhauster with a drum inspection hood attached. The flow rate across the top of the drum is ~350 fpm which will prevent any airborne contamination from getting into the worker's breathing zone. The old drum lid could be slid into a bag taped to the drum top. The unit is sold by NFS/RPS. The drum inspection hood can be mounted directly to the MAC-21 or a separate hood connected to any HEPA filtered vent unit. They have hoods for 55 or 85 gallon drums.


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