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Innovative method to decontaminate buckets of lar

Solution entered: 2/15/2008    Solution updated: **********

There is a nozzle from Columbia Basin Hotsy Pressure Washer Co and that injects sand blast sand at the tip. The combination of the grit and high pressure heated water quickly decontaminates the surface. The wet sand particles stay in the area of the bucket rather than fly long distances so they can be easily contained. you can rent the pressure washer and purchase the sandblast unit. Simply attach the sandblast nozzle to the end of the pressure washer wand (instead of the normal high pressure nozzle), put the pickup tube into the sand, and pull the trigger. The nozzle creates a venturi effect and begins to draw the sand immediately, mixing with the high pressure water within the nozzle. The sand never touches any of the pressure washer components, and clean up is a breeze. No airborne dust or debris, due to the weight of the water forcing the sand and debris to fall immediately to the ground. Hotsy pressure washers and equipment can be ordered online from Columbia Basin Hotsy along with all air compressors and pneumatic tools made by Ingersoll-Rand.


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