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Dismantlement EFCOG D&D Working Group Accelerated Demolition of the Reactor Maintenance, Assembly, and Disassembly Facility and the Pluto Lesson learned on the accelerated demolition of the Reactor Maintenance, Assembly, and Disassembly Facility (R-MAD) and the Pluto Disassembly Facility at the Nevada National Security Site Download
Worker Safety OSTI Defence Programs Beryllium Good Practices Guide This good practice guide forms the basis of an acceptable program for controlling workplace exposure to beryllium, including during D&D of facilities. Download
Decontamination Information Bridge LESSONS LEARNED AND BEST PRACTICES PROGRAM MANUAL Lessons Learned and Best Practices Program within Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) to ensure ongoing improvement of safety and reliability, prevent the recurrence of significant adverse events/trends, and determine implementation strategies that will help LBNL successfully meet the missions and goals set forth by the Department of Energy (DOE). Download
Decontamination OSTI Lessons Learned from Decommissioning Projects at Los Alamos National Laboratory This paper describes lessons learned over 20 years from 12 decommissioning projects at LANL related to waste management, NEPA, RCRA, CERCLA, contracting, public involvement, client interface, and funding. Download
Material Disposition OSTI Lessons Learned through Optimization of the Voluntary Corrective Action Process This Waste Management Conference paper discusses the valuable experience in environmental remediation gained at Sandia National Laboratories by concurrently conducting Voluntary Corrective Actions at three Solid Waste Management Units. Download
Dismantlement FIU-ARC HIKER LESSONS LEARNED WITH THE DISMANTLING OF THE KARLSRUHE REPROCESSING PLANT WAK The WAK plant was closed down on June 30, 1991, after 20 years of hot operation. The dismantling of the plant started in 1994 with the decommissioning of obsolete systems and will be finished in 2009 with a green meadow. The dismantling activities are carried out by hands-on techniques, remote techniques, or a mixture of both, depending on radiological conditions. 5,500 tons of contaminated solid waste, 3,200 m3 of liquid waste, 130 canisters of HLW glass, and 75,000 tons of rubble will Download
Material Disposition OSTI Management of Pit 9 - Highlights of Accomplishments and Lessons Learned Paper discussing accomplishments and lessons learned for a prototype full scale demonstration to retrieve and treat buried mixed transuranic waste from Pit 9 at INEL. Download
Decontamination ARC-FIU HIKER PRELIMINARY LESSONS LEARNED FROM THE GUNITE AND ASSOCIATED Make equipment as rugged as possible to avoid mechanical problems. · Consider personnel exposure consequences when designing systems and determining maintenance and procedures. · Maximize visibility with view ports and contamination covers, cameras, and lighting. · Design equipment interfaces Download
Dismantlement OSTI Reactor D&D at Argonne National Laboratory - Lessons Learned This paper focuses on the lessons learned during the decontamination and decommissioning (D&D) of two reactors at Agonne National Laboratory-East (ANL-E): The Experimental Boiling Water Reactor (EBWR) and the Janus Reactor. Download
Dismantlement FIU- ARC HIKER San Onofre Unit 1 Lessons Learned 450 Mwe Westinghouse PWR w/3 Primary Loops • Commercial Operation 1968, Shutdown 1992 • Coastal Location, between Los Angeles & San Diego, CA • Shares physical site with SONGS 2 & 3 Units • Co-owned by SCE (80%) and SDG&E (20%) • SONGS 1 Fuel located in SFP, at SONGS 2 & 3 and at Morris, Ill • On Federal land/Lease requires removal of structures Download
Dismantlement FIU- ARC HIKER Technology Application and Lessons Learned from ORNL Fuel Facility D&D Reduce / stabilize loose surface • Reduces worker exposure potential • Reduces PPE requirements • Reduces possibility of release in downtown ORNL Low Contamination areas reduced to Fixed CAs • High Contamination areas reduced to Low CAs • Hot Cells downgraded from High CA supplied breathing air required to standard negative pressure respirators Download
Dismantlement Savannah River Site Unanticipated High Dose During the Removal of Wire Flux Monitor Cabling from the HWCTR Reactor Vesse An unanticipated high dose was experienced during the removal of wire flux monitor cabling during the Heavy Water Component Test Reactor (HWCTR) deactivation at the Savannah River Site (SRS). The potential radiation dose was not fully understood, because despite the review of over 1,400 drawings as part of the planning for the work, the presence of the ion chambers had not been identified. Download

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