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Shikoku Electric submits plan to scrap reactor at Ikata plant

Published: January 10, 2017

​MATSUYAMA, EHIME PREF. – Shikoku Electric Power Co. asked the Ehime Prefectural Government on Monday to approve a decommissioning plan for the No. 1 reactor at its Ikata nuclear power station.

The company is required to gain consent under a nuclear safety agreement.

The power supplier also filed for approval from the Nuclear Regulation Authority.

After gaining permission from the NRA, Shikoku Electric will carry out the work in four stages over some 40 years. The job is expected to cost about ¥40 billion.

Under the nuclear reactor control law, the life span of reactors is limited to 40 years in principle, but can be extended by up to 20 years if permitted by the NRA.

In March, Shikoku Electric decided to decommission the 566,000 kilowatt No. 1 reactor, which will be 40 years old next year. The company decided that attempting to extend the reactor’s life span would be too costly considering required investment in safety measures.​

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