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OECD expands decommissioning cost benchmarks ahead of closure surge

Published: April 21, 2017

The OECD's Nuclear Energy Agency wants to improve the accuracy of decommissioning cost estimates to optimize spending plans and improve forecasts on fund returns, agency experts told Nuclear Energy Insider.

nternational Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) data show close to 150 reactors have ceased operating and up to 200 additional reactors are set to go offline in the next two decades. Most of these plants are in Europe, which has an aging fleet and where changes to government energy policy, higher safety requirements and wholesale price pressures have prompted a spate of early closures.

The number of European nuclear power plants in decommissioning is expected to rise from 76 in 2015 to around 110 in 2020, Jorg Klasen, Director Nuclear Decommissioning Services at German operator EnBW Kernkraft, said in May 2016.

Globally, only 16 reactors have so far completed decommissioning and the majority of these were in the U.S, OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) said in its 2016 report, “Costs of Decommissioning Nuclear Power Plants.”

The OECD-NEA highlighted the lack of actual cost data currently available for decommissioning planners. OECD-NEA analyzed data from a number of member countries with the aim of improving the benchmarking of decommissioning cost estimations against actual cost data.

Read the full article at:

http://analysis.nuclearenergyinsider.com/oecd-expands-decommissioning-cost-benchmarks-ahead-closure-surge ​

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