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D&D Research for DOE EM

EM’s site cleanup program is one of the largest environmental cleanup efforts in world history and deactivation and decommissioning (D&D) work is a significant part of the overall effort to remediate the Cold War legacy. While existing and proven technologies continue to be used to achieve as much cleanup as practicable, many of the DOE facilities that are still awaiting D&D could present significant challenges to D&D with currently available technologies:

  • FIU ARC Pipe crawlerPotential hazards to workers and surrounding areas, including high levels of radiation, airborne contamination, chemical hazards, and industrial hazards;
  • Complex, crowded, and retrofitted equipment arrangements;
  • Incomplete history of operations and contamination in old facilities;

Many baseline D&D technologies are labor intensive, time consuming, expensive, include significant risks to workers and/or the environment, and generate problematic (in volume or content) secondary wastes. Completing the successful D&D of the remaining facilities may rely on the ability to provide new technologies that are significantly better than the available baseline technologies in terms of cost, speed, safety, or waste reduction.

Argonne National Laboratory
Argonne National Laboratory, Image from energy.gov
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