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D&D Robotic Research

Cleaning up landfills, sorting toxic waste or decommissioning nuclear plants require complex and often burdensome protective measures. Research in this area is being performed using remote-controlled robots and autonomous machines to protect the health of people working on these hazardous environments.

  D&D Robotic Research
Development of Inspection Tools for DST Primary Tanks

Tank waste has recently been discovered in the annulus of AY-102. Inspection tools are needed to isolate and pinpoint the source of the material entering the annulus. These tools will need to provide video feedback so that an assessment can be made regarding the structural integrity of the tank bottoms.

Pneumatic Pipe Crawler Pneumatic Pipe Crawler

The pneumatic crawler is an inspection tool designed to inspect radioactive pipelines with variable sizes around 3 and 4 inches in diameter, while providing video, environmental and structural feedback. The device is currently being developed at the Applied Research Center (ARC) at FIU for the robotic inspection of the ventilation header of the AY-102 tank storing radioactive waste at Hanford site.

Mini Rover Mini Rover

Miniature inspection rover for the inspection of the refractories of the double-shell tank at Hanford site. Miniature robotic system that equipped with a camera for visual feedback, and navigate semi-autonomously for the refractory’s visual inspections.

Wall Climber Wall Climber

A robotic vehicle that is able to climb a vertical flat surface for the purposes of monitoring and inspection. Capable of climbing a vertical flat surface. Low-cost design, ease of operation. Remote controlled, various sensor integrations.

ICM Clawler Technology Demonstration of Strippable Coatings via remote sprayer platform

The ICM Remote Sprayer Platform was demonstrated on June 24-25, 2010, at the International Climbing Machine (ICM) facility in Ithaca, NY, under a contract with Florida International University’s Applied Research Center. The objective of the technology evaluation was to document the ability of the remote system to spray three different strippable coating products (Instacote CC Strip, Carboline ALARA 1146, and CBI Polymers DeconGel) onto vertical concrete and metal surfaces.

Robotic Manipulators Using Robotic Manipulators for Radioactive Waste Inspection

The global nuclear industry has a growing volume of nuclear waste which needs to be scanned, sorted according to its activity and material type, then processed into the correct waste packages for long term storage and disposal. It is vital that there is a detailed understanding of the waste inventory stored in long term waste containers, as knowledge of their contents could predict or prevent any adverse effects in storage.

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