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Tech Talk
Decommissioning Knowledge Sharing in the 21st Century
April 19, 2022

Florida International University (FIU) is conducting a series of D&D Tech Talks focusing on several D&D topics relevant to the DOE EM Complex. On April 19, 2022, FIU featured a Tech Talk from Lawrence (Larry) Boing focusing on the Decommissioning Knowledge Sharing in the 21st Century.

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Lawrence (Larry) Boing

Lawrence (Larry) Boing

Larry Boing has 42+ years of experience in the nuclear facility decommissioning (aka D&D) field and is a recognized D&D professional at the national and international levels. His work has been at many different levels over those years - at the site decommissioning project level, at the program level and in various specialist areas - all supporting the D&D area. His work has been at a variety of numerous job sites - DOE sites, NRC sites and international sites and in nearly every aspect of this sector of the industry. Over the last 31+ years he has been supporting the nuclear decommissioning program and remediation program activities of several international groups - including the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) among other activities serving as a lecturer at numerous training courses/workshops, as a contributor/editor of various technical reports and on expert technical missions. Since 1997 he founded, has organized and has directed numerous decommissioning topical training courses and fellowship events - nationally and internationally - for numerous D&D staff and regulators. The breadth of his diverse international decommissioning activities include work with counterparts at IAEA as mentioned above but also with OECD/NEA, Eastern European countries including Romania and Latvia, and additionally Argentina, Canada, China, Iraq, Japan, South Korea & Russia. Recently he has also been involved in various other facets of the 'knowledge management' area as it relates to the decommissioning field - working with the partner of Oak Ridge Associated Universities in establishing a Decommissioning Certificate Program for those working in or wishing to work in the Nuclear D&D field. He has more recently been engaged in performing peer paper reviews for various technical journals prior to acceptance of papers for publication. In addition he’s served as a seminar speaker at various Japanese and Korean universities and institutes and other public events to convey to these audiences his experiences and key knowledge management aspects and points from earlier decommissioning projects. Last - but not least - he is engaged in serving as a student poster judge and technical session organizer and session chairman and judge/evaluator of tech sessions/poster sessions at relevant D&D relevant conferences - such as WM Symposia. In 2021, Larry was presented the 2021 Robert Long Training Excellence Award by the American Nuclear Society/ETWD Division recognizing his exceptional accomplishments and most recent achievements. https://www.linkedin.com/in/larryboing/

Joining the meeting instructions

This event is being hosted using Microsoft Teams. It is required for every attendee to have this app installed on their desktop or mobile device. You can download this app from the following link or use the links of the sidebar for mobile devices.


This event is sponsored by The U.S. Department of Energy

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