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ALARA Designs

Address : 115 Bobcat Drive, PO Box 59 , Drake , Colorado , United States 80515-0059
Phone : 970-669-2171    Phone 800 :    Fax : 000-000-0000
Email : bryan@alaradesigns.com    WebSite : http://www.alaradesigns.com
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ALARA Designs specializes in minimizing time and maximizing distance from radiation. They focus on exposure reduction through remote tool deployment and ease. They have robust design solutions and concept development. ALARA Designs designs reliable and cost-effective methods to minimize exposure. ALARA Designs reduce exposure and risk at minimal cost. Examples include long handled tools, remote contamination fixation, remote tool placement and inspection, remote piping taps.

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ALARA Designs, Inc. has developed a long reach hot tap tool that will help keep your workers out of harm’s way while applying a hot tap. ALARA Designs also makes other long reach tools that may be of
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Category : Worker Health & Safety > Engineering Controls > Long Reach Tools      

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