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Vendor Information

Intertest Inc.

Address : 303 Route 94 , Columbia , New Jersey , United States 07832
Phone : 908-496-8008    Phone 800 : 800-535-3626    Fax : 908-496-8004
Email : info@intertestinc.com    WebSite : http://www.intertest.com
Comments :

InterTest is a premier supplier of specialized vision products, remote visual inspection (RVI) tools, and non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment. Cameras and Accessories sold by InterTest include Micro CCD Cameras, CCD Cameras, Sony Zoom Block CCD Cameras, 3CCD Cameras, Progressive Scan CCD Cameras, High Definition Cameras, Thermal Imaging Cameras, POV Cameras, PTZ Cameras, Sony Industrial Cameras, XBlock Zoom Cameras, CMOS Cameras, Infrared Cameras and CMOS Interface Boards. Illumination products are Fiberoptic Light Sources, Light Guides & Adapters, Lamps, Auxiliary Lighting Modules, Inspection Lighting, Specialty Lighting and UV Illumination Products. InterTest also sells iShot Imaging Systems for inspection purposes. Video accessories include Displays & Monitors, Recorders & Software, Pivoting Arms, Power Supplies & Batteries, Shipping & Storage Cases and Cables & Accessories. Retrieval Tools include Electro Mechanical Retrieval Tools and Manual Retrieval Tools. They also sell Rigid, Semi-Rigid, Flexible and Custom Borescopes. Their non-destructive test (NDT) equipment include Ultrasonic, Eddy Current, MT/PT Testing and other NDT Products.

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Vendor Technologies

RT-750 Mechanical Retrieval Tool Kit

The RT-750 ElectroMechanical Retrieval Tool performs numerous retrieval tasks in a variety of environments, including marine and freshwater. It's made of 400 stainless steel and locks onto its target
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Category : Worker Health & Safety > Engineering Controls > Long Reach Tools      

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