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Babcock Services, Inc

Address : 8113 W. Quinault Ave , Kennewick , Washington , United States 99336
Phone : 509-737-0812    Phone 800 :    Fax : 509-737-0813
Email : pgallagher@babcockservices.com    WebSite : http://www.babcockservices.com
Comments :

Babcock Services, Inc. specializes in providing professional services to the nuclear industry. BSI also performs the design/fabrication/operation of specialized volume reduction equipment. Their international client base includes government contractors to commercial nuclear power generators supporting restart, operations, maintenance and remediation projects.

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Vendor Technologies

Radioactive and Mixed Waste Treatment Agents

The radioactive and mixed waste treatment agents from Babcock Serives are solidification/stabilization agents, developed for the efficient and economical disposal of radioactive, hazardous chemical, a
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Source : Vendor Website

Category : Waste Management > Waste Treatment > Solidification      

Trans Seal 1 - Dust Suppressant

Trans Seal I is a dust suppressant and soil stabilizer designed to control dust mitigation, reducing particulate emissions caused by blowing dust, construction and transportation of materials. Trans S
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Source : Vendor Website

Category : Worker Health & Safety > Engineering Controls > Dust Suppression      

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