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NuVision Engineering

Address : 2403 Sidney Street Suite 700 , Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania , United States 15203
Phone : 412-586-1810    Phone 800 : 888-748-8232    Fax : 412-586-1811
Email : info@nuvisioneng.com    WebSite : http://www.nuvisioneng.com
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NuVision Engineering is a technology and applications engineering company focused on providing value in commercial nuclear and power plant industries, government waste remediation facilities/waste cleanup and fabrication services. They developed a patented process (Mechanical Stress Improvement Process (MSIP®)) for mitigating stress corrosion cracking in nuclear plant piping weldments. They offer services in decontamination, engineering design & analysis, power fluidics, robotics, waste treatment, fabrication, and staffing.

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Vendor Technologies


The A1000S is a robotic manipulator arm that can handle heavy loads while offering 3-D simulation and custom programming. The operating arm mimics the natural motion pattern of the human hand, and the
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Source : Vendor Website

Category : Robotics > Decontamination > Manipulator Arm      


The A100S is a computer supported manipulator arm that allows one to work above the horizontal manipulator axis and can also be operated remotely via visualization system. It offers high flexibility a
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Source : Vendor Website

Category : Robotics > Decontamination > Manipulator Arm      


The A200 is a articulated arm manipulator that is ideal for handling objects in small to medium boxes and hot cells. The remotely operated manipulator provides accuracy and flexibility and is a perfec
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Source : Vendor Website

Category : Robotics > Characterization and Inspection > Manipulator Arm      

Artisan 100

The ARTISAN manipulator system was developed specifically for the nuclear industry as a heavy duty hydraulic manipulator and is ideally suited to the typically arduous decommissioning and size-reducti
More Information

Source : Robotics Database (DOE)

Category : Robotics > Dismantling and Retrieval > Manipulator Arm      

Drum Manipulator

The Drum Manipulator consists of a gripping system which grabs the drums. The Handling capacity is up to 1200 kg. Consists of no external cabling. The Drum Manipulator ensures security and safety of o
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Source : Vendor Website

Category : Decontamination > Miscellaneous Equipment/Methods > Fixatives      

RAPTOR® Heavy-Duty Robotic Manipulator

NuVision Engineering’s RAPTOR® hydraulic manipulator systems have been specially designed for hazardous duty operations. The RAPTOR® is designed for deployment on all-terrain, unmanned ground ve
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Source : Vendor Website

Category : Dismantlement > Heavy Equipment > Robotic System      

Tank Waste Retrieval

The NuVision Engineering Tank Waste Retrieval is a system that uses air to pump radioactive sludges, slurries, and liquids and require no moving parts to come in contact with contaminated mediums. The
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Source : Vendor Website

Category : Decontamination > Mechanical Surface Removal > Other      

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