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RedZone Robotic System

Address : 9143 Street , Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania , United States 15201
Phone : 412-476-8980    Phone 800 :    Fax : 412-476-8981
Email : partners@redzone.com    WebSite : http://redzone.com
Comments :

RedZone offers robotic inspection technologies which can be deployed software-as-a service wastewater management system. They offer wastewater managers to simplify wastewater management. RedZone Robotics provides tools for wastewater management by addressing sewer pipes. Responder, Solo which are used for large and small diameter pipe inspections respectively and ICOM 3 which is used for asset and resource management are some of the products offered by RedZone.

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Vendor Technologies


The Houdini vehicle is track driven, hydraulically powered, tele-operated, folding frame platform designed specifically for operation in hostile environments. It can be outfitted or handle different t
More Information

Source : Applied Research Center (formerly HCET)

Category : Dismantlement > Heavy Equipment > Robotic System      

Mobile Robot Worksystem

ROSIE performs mechanical dismantlement of radiologically contaminated structures by remotely deploying others tools or systems. ROSIE is a mobile platform used to support reactor assembly demolition
More Information

Source : Chicago Pile-5 Reactor

Category : Dismantlement > Heavy Equipment > Robotic System      


The Responder™ robotic platform is targeted for critical wastewater infrastructure, primarily large diameter pipe. Weighing 650 pounds and with a 3.5HP hydraulic engine, it can travel more than 1 mile
More Information

Source : Vendor Website

Category : Characterization > Camera & Surveillance > Surveillance Crawler      


Solo enables better, more timely decision making by providing the most useful small pipe information faster than ever imagined. It is a truly autonomous platform that represents a breakthrough innovat
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Source : Vendor Website

Category : Characterization > Camera & Surveillance > Surveillance Crawler      

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