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Antech Corporation

Address : 9050 Marshall Ct. , Westminster , Colorado , United States 80031
Phone : 303-430-8184    Phone 800 :    Fax : 303-430-8215
Email : info@antech-inc.com    WebSite : http://www.antech-inc.com
Comments :

ANTECH furnishes both off-the-shelf and custom equipment and measurement services for non-destructive assay and characterization of radioactive materials. Applications include SNM characterization, contamination monitors, and pedestrian and vehicle portal monitors. Specific technologies include calorimetry and active/passive neutron/gamma counting. Fixed and mobile systems available.

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Vendor Technologies

Segmented Gamma Scanner

Segmented Gamma Scanner (SGS) is designed to provide a non-destructive method for measuring the radionuclide content of typically low-level and intermediate level waste (LLW and ILW) including correct
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Category : Waste Management > Sampling & Analysis > Analysis Apparatus      

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