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Canberra Industries, Inc

Address : 800 Research Parkway , Meriden , Connecticut , United States 06450
Phone : (203) 238-2351    Phone 800 : (800) 255-6370    Fax : (203) 639-2067
Email : techsupport@canberra.com    WebSite : http://www.canberra.com
Comments :

Canberra offers products and services for many nuclear applications. These applications include deactivation and decommissioning, environmental remediation, in situ decommissioning, health and safety, nondestructive assay, non-proliferation solutions, and radiochemistry. For D&D, ER and in situ needs, Canberra offers Genie 2000 (a spectroscopy and data management software), ISOCS( an in situ object counting system), InSpector 2000 DSP (a portable spectroscopy workstation), low background alpha beta counting systems and soil/debris waste characterization systems. Their health and safety products include probes, meters, electronic dosimeters, emergency response instrumentation, positron emission tomography (PET) radiation monitoring, contamination monitors, serial communications extension host (SCEH) radiation detection systems (RDS-100), personnel and object contamination monitors, security portal monitors, systems for invivo activity measurement, and multiple software packages. Nondestructive assay items include data acquisition subsystems, low background alpha beta, counting systems, multi-group analysis software (MGA), multi-group analysis for uranium (MGAU), nuclear measurement systems, plutonium scrap multiplicity counter (PSMC-01), and waste assay systems. Radiochemistry items include AIM - Acquisition Interface Module Model 556B, alpha spectrometers and accessories, Apex® Lab Productivity Suite, Apex® Lab Productivity Suite Nuclear Power Plant Option, counting room / laboratory systems, detectors, Genie™ 2000 applications software, Genie-ESP applications software, mobile laboratories, Multiport II multichannel analyzer, nuclear instrumentation modules (NIM), OpenCDM chemistry data management system, OpenEMS effluent management software, and radioisotopes.

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Vendor Technologies

Alpha Sentry CAM System

The spectroscopic algorithm (which uses a stripping method instead of ROIs) is extremely effective at subtracting out the radon daughter interference from the transuranic region of interest. This phys
More Information

Source : Catalogs

Category : Characterization > Sampling & Analysis Equipments > Analysis Equipment      

In-Situ Object Counting System

The Canberra ISOCS system consists of -An ISOCS characterized Germanium detector with portable cryostat, -A cart support for holding the detector, lead shielding and collimators, -An Inspector po
More Information

Source : Argonne National Laboratory-East

Category : Characterization > Monitors > Asbestos Monitoring      

ISOCS for Free Release

The Canberra ISOCS system is designed with the following materials: 55% efficiency germanium detector with a portable liquid nitrogen cryostat (a 5-day Big mac [dewar] Battery – or AC-powered In
More Information

Source : Idaho National Engineering And Environmental Lab

Category : Characterization > Sampling & Analysis Equipments > Analysis Equipment      

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