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Vendor Information

Bluegrass BIT

Address : 107 Mildred St, , Greenville , Alabama , United States 36037
Phone : (800) 734-2935    Phone 800 : 800-320-1462    Fax : (334) 382-9738
Email : concreteinfo@concretecutters.com    WebSite : http://www.bluegrassbit.com
Comments :

Bluegrass is a demolition contractor that offers solutions for offshore applications, contractors, industrial plant environments, outages and nuclear applications. In the nuclear application field, Bluegrass provides demolition contractors and decommissioning support. Bluegrass offers concrete cutting, diamond wire sawing of metal, robotic hammering, core drilling, and shavers. Blugrass provides controlled shaving of walls, floors, ceilings; segmentation of reactor vessels; cryogenic cutting of bioshield walls; contaminated duct work segmentation; and robotic separation of active from inactive concrete. Bluegrass provides customized equipment technology solutions supporting decommissioning. Their services also include consulting for nuclear environment, waste minimization and ALARA.

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Vendor Technologies

Diamond Wall Shaver System

The diamond wall shaver effectively removes radiological contamination from concrete walls.The diamond wall shaver uses the same patented diamond drum and blades as the floor shaver. It is hydraulica
More Information

Source : Vendor Website

Category : Decontamination > Mechanical Surface Removal > Milling/Shaving      

Diamond Wire Cutting of Tokamak Fusion Test Reactor Vacuum Vessel

The diamond wire system consists of a diamond matrix wire made to length for each individual cut and a hydraulic drive system. The diamond matrix wire made to length for each individual cut and a hydr
More Information

Source : DOE Pricenton Plasma Physics Laboratory

Category : Dismantlement > Mechanical Cutting Equipment > Abrasive Cutter      

Marcrist Wall Shaver

The Marcrist MSW300 Wall Shaver is designed to remove a pre-determined depth of concrete from structures using diamond blades. The diamond blades are mounted on a specially designed drum which rotates
More Information

Source : Applied Research Center (formerly HCET)

Category : Decontamination > Mechanical Surface Removal > Milling/Shaving      

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