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Vendor Information

Allen Vanguard

Address : 21720 Red RumDrive, Suite 187 , Ashburn , Virginia , United States 20147
Phone : 613-735-3996    Phone 800 : 866-747-3590    Fax : 613-735-3814
Email : sales@allenvanguard.com    WebSite : http://www.allenvanguard.com
Comments : previously Delta Temax Inc

Allen Vanguard has personal protective equipment for bomb disposal, UXO and demining, as well as helmets, visors, footwear and hand protectors. Allen-Vanguard has integrated hook and line (HAL) systems and related tools and equipment for EOD/IEDD operations that provide comprehensive semi-remote access, handling and removal capabilities, such as the EOD tool cart which increases the operational capabilities and safety. Remote handling is also available and suited for use with HAL systems. Demolition accessories and non-magnetic tools are also available. They also have remote operated vehicle and cooling systems.

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Vendor Technologies

Personal Ice Cooling System

Personal Ice Cooling System (PICS) is a self contained core body temperature control system that uses ice (made with tap water) as a coolant and circulates cool water through tubing that is incorporat
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Source : Fernald Environmental Management Project

Category : Worker Health & Safety > Personal Protective Equipment > Heat & Cold Protection      

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