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Demonstration Information

Technology Name: VecLoader HEPA Vacuum Insulation Removal System

Demonstration Name:Mineral Wool – Wall | Demonstrated on: 8/5/1996
Demonstration Site: Fernald Environmental Management Project

Demo Objective

The principal goal of the demonstration was to establish whether the VecLoader HEPA vacuum system could safely and effectively remove insulation from walls. This determination would be based on the VecLoader’s ability relative to the baseline manual method, to achieve the following objectives: · reduced airborne contamination (radionuclides and insulation fiber) · increased productivity (insulation removal rate) · reduced waste volume · reduced costs · reduced worker contact with insulation · reduced health and safety risks · reduced personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements.

Demo Results

The technology was successful its ability to safely and effectively remove 4 inch-thick insulation mineral wool from walls. The technology is easy to use and problems than arose were quickly resolved


Insulation removed by the VecLoader being dircharged by worker into plastic bags Insulation removed by the VecLoader being dircharged by worker into plastic bags


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