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Technology Help

A guide for using the technology module.

The technology module allows users to browse and search through the stored D&D related technologies by entering the desired search criteria into the search field. The user can search for technologies using a basic text string search or perform an advanced search. The basic search allows the user to input a simple word (e.g., diamond ) to return the applicable technologies. The advanced search enables the user to narrow their search by technology category or application. The results will provide a list of technologies that meet the search criteria. Simply click on the title of the desired technology from the search results and it will open the technology fact sheet.

The technology module provides comprehensive information on D&D related technologies, including associated technology demonstrations and commercial vendors. It also includes technology descriptions, benefits, limitations, and associated links and documents.


bullet What is the purpose of the technology module?

The objective of the technology module is to create, maintain and enhance the technology information repository for D&D applications, including characterization, decontamination, dismantlement, and worker health and safety.

bullet I have a technology that I would like to add to the technology module. How would I do that?

If you have a technology you would like to add to the D&D KM-IT website, you may do so by contacting FIU. FIU administers the technology and vendor information within D&D KM-IT. Contact information can be found at the “Contact Us” tab at the top of the webpage.

bullet How do I perform an advanced search of the technologies?

Advanced search enables users to search in the following areas:

  • Text String Search
  • Technology or Application by Group/Category/Subcategory Search
  • Vendor Search
  • Technologies Demonstrated Search

First, choose from either Technology or Application Category. Then you may then choose the Group you are interested in from the drop down menu. You may further narrow your search by choosing a Category and Subcategory from the drop down menus.

Next, check the Demonstrated check box if you want to only search technologies that have technology demonstration information.

Finally, enter a text string to further narrow the search results. The search string may be comprised of single words or an exact phrase. The results will provide a list of technologies that meet the search criteria. Click on the title of the desired technology from the search results and it will open.

bullet How do I find technologies by a specific vendor?

From the technology search page, select the button beside “Vendor.” Then choose the desired vendor from the drop down menu. Results will return the vendor contact information and all technologies for that vendor that have been entered.


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