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Technology Factsheet


Category: Decontamination > Mechanical Surface Removal > Scabbling , Mechanical
Reference # : Model No : Wallwalker

The Wallwalker robotic scabbler consists of a motion control system and a scabbler head. The motion control system controls the position, velocity, and acceleration of the scabbler head over a vertical surface. This system works by independently controlling the lengths of two separate cables that may be attached to the left and right sides of the wall by mounting brackets, or alternately may be secured to a free- standing 'JIB' structure. The scabbler head utilizes a new low-friction static seal that maintains vacuum flow while maximizing the vacuum pressure between the scabbler head and the wall. The scabbler head houses three pistons, each mounted on an independent suspension to allow for surface height fluctuations and to maintain optimum normal force on the wall. The three piston heads are designed to rotate about a central axis perpendicular to the wall as the scabbler head travels across the wall. The scabbler head has three wheels that allow it to move across the vertical surface. All hazardous dust and debris is contained by the vacuum seal between the robot and surface and is transported by hose directly into Pentek's self-cleaning and drumming HEPA vacuum and waste collection system, VACPAC 24A. Dimensions of Tech Model (LxWxH): Scabbler Head: 24" Diameter Weight of Tech Model (lb): 450


More accurate and consistent scanning conditions for surveys Improved production rates for large walls Payload capacity at least 300 lb Accurately positions instruments and tools repeatedly Remote operation provides improved ALARA For radiation surveys, the controller software could be adapted to provide maps showing the location of measured radiation levels


A variety of tool holders need to be developed. Pentek has a few designs completed The technology is not well suited to walls that have many protrusions; rather it works better on flat or slightly curve surfaces Pentek now can apply the technology to floor and ceilings




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