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Technology Factsheet

Dual Arm Servo Manipulators

Category: Robotics > Dismantling and Retrieval > Bespoke System
Reference # : Model No :

Force-reflecting “servomanipulators” mounted on robotic overhead bridges, combined with a multi-camera viewing system, dexterous handling operations are no longer confined to window work stations.
Site:Oak Ridge
Size:Very Large (>100kg/200lb, >120cm/48in)
TRL:Operational (9)
TRL2:Operational (9)
Tether: *
Waterproof: *
Payload: *
Reach: *
Manipulator: *




PaR Systems joined with Telerob GmbH, of Ostifildern, Germany, to build the servomanipulator and bridge crane systems that are the primary maintenance tool in the SNS hot cell.

The Telerob EMSM-2B servomanipulator arms each have six positioning degrees of freedom, plus a gripper axis, a 72-in. reach, a 55-lb continuous capacity, and a 100-lb peak capacity. Scaleable force reflection, joint indexing, tool weight cancellation, and other advanced control features minimize operator fatigue and give the tele-operated arms capabilities beyond those of standard MSMs. The servomanipulator package includes a 500-lb auxiliary hoist for assisting in component-handling and tool
support. This is particularly important for a system normally operating in areas in which dropped tools can be difficult to retrieve.
Operational Experience:



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