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Technology Factsheet

Advanced Recyclable Media System (ARMS)

Category: Decontamination > Mechanical Surface Removal > Soft Media Blasting
Reference # : OST # 1971 Model No : ARMS

The ARMS equipment is comprised of a feed unit and a sifter unit. The feed unit is a portable pneumatically powered device that propels the sponge media against the contaminated surface. Sponge media is manually loaded into a hopper mounted on top of the feed unit, and it is fed to an auger device that mixes the cleaning media with compressed air. The media is then transported using the standard abrasive blasting hose through a standard abrasive-blasting nozzle to the surface being removed. The sifter unit is used to mechanically remove large debris and powdery residues from the sponge media after use. The sifter vibrates causing the media to fall downward through a series of separation screens to remove the debris from the recyclable media. The vapor generator may be used to produce steam to provide dust control without creating liquid waste streams. Dimensions of Tech Model (LxWxH): The Feed Unit (32" x 32" x 60") The Screening or Sifter Unit (72" x 32" x 72") Weight of Tech Model (lb.): The Feed Unit (450 lbs.) The Screening or Sifter Unit (400 lbs.)


Media is recyclable, thus reducing radioactive and hazardous waste. Simple blast hose design requires little training and easy operation. Able to operate with little maintenance. Can be used in a large variety of surface media and surface contaminants as described in the "Potential Markets" section. Since the ARMS is an open blast technology, the media can reach the floor area in corners, against the wall, and around obstacle for decontamination. The ARMS media can be recycled up to 20 times. For large areas (10,000 ft2) the media can be remade, thus reducing the need to purchase new media. The ARMS technology saves about 8 % over the baseline technology (mechanical scabbling)


The blasting unit needs to be operated in a contained area. Media has to be constantly recycled manually, which increases operator fatigue. Airborne dust requires operators to wear full-face respirators. Requires three operators to be inside the contamination area. Lower production rate than the baseline, resulting in greater worker exposure. Requires a containment structure Media has to be collected manually




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