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Technology Factsheet


Category: Robotics > Characterization and Inspection > Wheeled/Tracked System
Reference # : Model No :

The C-TALON robotic crawler is designed for use in rivers, surf zone, and limited access harbor areas. Based on QinetiQ North America’s bestselling TALON EOD robot, used every day by militaries, law enforcement and first responders around the world to save the lives of soldiers and first responders, the C-TALON robot brings a unique set of capabilities to the difficult and harsh operating environments of the ocean, rivers and harbor areas.

Site: *
Industry:Defense/Homeland Security
Size:Large (20-100kg/40lb-200lb, 60cm-120cm/24in-48in)
TRL:Demonstration (7-8)
TRL2: *
Tether:No tether - Endurance more than an hour
Waterproof:IP68 - Protected against prolonged effects of immersion under pressure
Payload: *
Reach: *




The robot carries navigation, communication and payload sensors, including compass, pressure sensor, odometer, GPS, fiber-optic link, hi-res imaging sonar, hydrophone, and drive and inspection night-vision cameras.

Compared to an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV), an underwater crawler presents important benefits such as resistance to strong and dynamic water currents, surf-zone and land access, and being able to employ sleep-mode for extended periods of time without the use of a dedicated docking station.

The current Concept of Operations involves being deployed offshore to conduct a clandestine ingress into limited-access harbor- and surf-zone areas to collect tactical data. Concepts are also being developed for permanent ISR presence in riverine and coastal waters.

Operational Experience: The C-TALON crawlers have been used for a variety of purposes, including riverine navigation research by Draper Laboratory of Cambridge, MA. The C-TALON now incorporates navigation and guidance software developed by Draper Laboratory.



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