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Technology Factsheet

Hull Crawler

Category: Robotics > Characterization and Inspection > Wall Climber
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An unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) with an imaging sensor payload, crawler and operator control unit that performs EOD hull inspections. It provides operators with high-quality sonar imagery (tagged with appropriate target localization information) coupled with up-close video to minimize false detections.

Site: *
Size:Small (1-5kg/2lb-20lb, 10-30cm/4in-12in length )
TRL:Operational (9)
TRL2: *
Waterproof: *
Payload: *
Reach: *
Manipulator: *




Hull Crawler is a two-vehicle system deployed to survey an underwater structure; determine the presence of an object of interest (OOI); transmit the image for operator evaluation; mark the position for further evaluation; and return to the object for detailed visual assessment and potential neutralization.

The Swimmer Carrier Vehicle (SCV) is ideal for harbor incursion. Its dual thrusters allow it to turn within its hydrodynamic center so that it is highly maneuverable in tight spaces. In addition to housing the inspection sonar, the SCV carries the small, crawling robot for deploying near OOI’s for up-close visual inspections as needed.

The small crawling robot can be deployed from the SCV, placed from the ship’s deck or manually placed onto the hull. Crawling with fixed permanent magnets, it provides a unique underwater inspection tool to augment the capabilities of the sonar imaging system on the SCV and provides unique access to areas unreachable by any swimming robot.

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