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Technology Factsheet

Nu Fab TM Anticontamination Suit

Category: Worker Health & Safety > Personal Protective Equipment > Heat & Cold Protection
Reference # : OST No 1855 , DOE/EM-0354 Model No : NFB

Nu Fab TM Anticontamination suit is intended to enhance transmission of moisture generated by the body to the outside-suit. The Nu Fab TM suit is a one piece, disposable coverall with a single, front, zip lock closure. It is constructed of spun bonded polypropylene and miroporous film layers to make suit breathable an waterproof. A propritery process is used to ultrasonically seal the seams of the suit during manufacturing, a sealing process typically known as NSR (no sewing required).Nu Fab TM suit has no system operations associated with it. It is a coverall type of clothing that is worn that is worn by inserting the individual arms and legs into the suit and closing the zipper. There is no secondary waste associated with wearing the suit. Additionally, NU Fab TM is certified incineratorable.Dimensions of Tech Model (LxWxH):Weight of Tech Model (lb):


One piece, disposable, breathable, and waterproof coverall.


The technology is limited by heat stress considerations. The NuFab suit is still beneficial in situations requiring waterproofing. Future development should focus on ways to prevent body heat from building up inside the suit to increase the comfort and efficiency of workers.




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