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Technology Factsheet

System for Tracking Remediation, Exposure, Activities and Materials

Category: Worker Health & Safety > Engineering Controls > Containment and Decontamination
Reference # : OST No 1947 , DOE/EM-0376 Model No : STRE

The STREAM software was integrated with four standard computer workstations; however, it can accommodate up to 50 separate workstations. Because there is little cost associated with connecting additional stations, it is cost-effective to make it accessible to a largenumber of project staff. The workstations can be integrated with digital cameras, an optical scanner, projectors, and printers to take greatest advantage of the visual imaging capabilities. The STREAM system is easy to use - icons, “point-and-click” technology, and a systemof electronic “tabs and folders” helps a user navigate the STREAM support capabilities include visual imaging, a reference library, waste management tracking and reporting, and tracking of personnel exposure and training. The key features of STREAM are highlighted below: · Consolidates large amounts and various types of project information (photographs, videos, survey maps, waste management tracking and disposition information, procedures, reports, and similar data) into one electronic location.· Provides easy location, retrieval, and viewing of information. Information can be sorted in various ways and viewed at any STREAM workstation, printed in black and white or color, and/or projected.· Allows engineers, planners, and craft workers to “see” contaminated areas before entry, reducing frequency and duration of entries. Displays data in tables, reports, and chart formats, thus allowing easy understanding of progress and trends.· Simplifies waste tracking and allows direct download of waste data to various organizations.· Provides a comprehensive legacy document for historical purposes.· Connects up to 50 separate computer workstations and assorted visual aids.Dimensions of Tech Model (LxWxH):Weight of Tech Model (lb):


For pre-job work reviews, personnel appeared to be very interested in the visual information. Several “side” discussions were observed between workers about a specific aspect of the information being viewed. Benefits identified include: · Workers appeared to have a clearer understanding of the condition of the area and the job to be done · Interest by workers appeared to be higher than in similar briefings without visual information · The interchange of information between the crafts and supervisors was excellent and stayed focused on the task to be done throughout the pre-job briefing · The briefing ran smoothly and there were no extraneous comments or other activities that detracted from the purpose of the briefing. Entering graphical information such as facility pictures, diagrams and map data into STREAM demonstrated ease of entering information. Utilizing digital photographic equipment resulted in: · A cost savings of approximately $3 per picture · The ability to take photographs and use them immediately on a day-to-day work activities.


Assuming that data entry on the Waste Inventory Sheet (WIS) proves to be beneficial in the future, a follow-on activity would be to implement computer data entry in the field through the use of hand-held data recording units. This would enhance both the integrity of the data and increase productivity by eliminating the need to complete a WIS in the field and later transfer each entry into STREAM. The hand-held data entry device would “prompt” the field entry person for information, and this information could later be batch entered into STREAM. As presently configured, only “hard-copy” data and reports can be produced by STREAM. A follow-on development would be the ability of STREAM to export data electronically to various customers who presently receive the hard-copy reports. This would significantly increase productivity by expediting information delivery and eliminating the need to re-enter the data.




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