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Technology Factsheet


Category: Robotics > Other > Wheeled/Tracked System
Reference # : Model No :

CHIMP (CMU Highly Intelligent Mobile Plaform) is a semi-autonomous, high degree of freedom robot performing work in a human engineered environment. CHIMP is a humanoid robot but is differentiated by tracks on each of its four limbs. This enables it to travel in varied environments without the control challlenges of bipedal locomotion, while enabling it to interface with elements designed for human use (ladders, valves, door handles, etc.).

Site: *
Industry:Defense/Homeland Security
Size:Very Large (>100kg/200lb, >120cm/48in)
TRL:Research (1-3)
TRL2: *
Tether: *
Waterproof: *
Payload: *
Reach: *
Manipulator: *




For the DARPA Robotics Challenge, DARPA will measure the effectiveness of each team’s robots performing the following tasks:

1. Drive a utility vehicle at the site.
2. Travel dismounted across rubble.
3. Remove debris blocking an entryway.
4. Open a door and enter a building.
5. Climb a ladder and traverse a walkway.
6. Use a tool to break through a concrete panel.
7. Locate and close a valve near a leaking pipe.
8. Replace a component such as a cooling pump.

Operational Experience:



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