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Technology Factsheet

CHARLI robot (Areva)

Category: Robotics > Dismantling and Retrieval > Bespoke System
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CHARLI is a small remote-operated vehicle (ROV) that is equipped with a robotic arm fitted with a laser cutting head and multiple vision cameras. It has been specially designed to move around inside confined pipework structures and to withstand very harsh environments with high levels of radiation and temperatures, as well as the presence of sodium, aerosols, and argon.

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Industry:Industrial Automation
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TRL:Research (1-3)
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French public multinational industrial conglomerate Arvea has used CHARLI robot for extraction of sodium from EDF's nuclear installation in France.

The robot was used for EDF's laser cutting operations in the reactor vessel of the Superphenix fast neutron reactor, which is currently being dismantled at Creys-Malville in France.

CHARLI is a concatenation of two French abbreviations: “CHAR” referring to the remote operated vehicle used for the cutting and “LIposo” referring to the interconnection piping between the primary pumps and the base frame that supported the fuel assemblies.

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