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Technology Factsheet

A2 Compliant Arm

Category: Robotics > Other > Manipulator Arm
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The Meka A2 Compliant Arm is a lightweight seven degree-of-freedom force controlled arm. Designed to match the size and shape of a small adult, it is the ideal platform for researchers interested in manipulation for human environments.

The A2 nearly matches the scale and workspace of a human arm. It features high-strength force-controlled actuators, intrinsic physical compliance, zero-backlash Harmonic Drive gearheads, and the Meka M3 real-time manipulation control system.

The A2 is available as a single arm or as a bimanual manipulator. It provides plug-and-play support for the T2 Humanoid Torso, S2 or S3 head, and the G2 or H2 hand.

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TRL:Research (1-3)
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Waterproof: *
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Operational Experience:

The vendor for this technology was listed as Meka Robotics, LLC, with the following description: Meka Robotics develops hardware and software systems for robotics researchers, specializing in robots designed to work in everyday environments. The company's core expertise spans compliant robotics, force controlled actuators, manipulator design, real-time software, and highly integrated mechatronic systems. Market Segments: Education & Research · Humanoid · Manipulator. 255 Potrero Ave, San Francisco, CA.

Google acquired Meka Robotics on December 5th 2013.



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