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Technology Factsheet

Personal Ice Cooling System

Category: Worker Health & Safety > Personal Protective Equipment > Heat & Cold Protection
Reference # : OST No 1898 , DOE/EM-0393 Model No : Delta350

Personal Ice Cooling System (PICS) is a self contained core body temperature control system that uses ice (made with tap water) as a coolant and circulates cool water through tubing that is incorporated into a durable and comfortable, full body garment suit. The suits come in various sizes from small to extra large.Water is frozen in two- liter bottles that can be worn either inside or outside of anti-contamination PPE, in a sealed insulated bag with a circulating pump attached to the comfortable support harness system. The two-speed battery –powered pump circulates the coolant via an umbilical tube to the tubing in the garment. The pump speeds (off, low, high) on the circulation system allow the wearer to control his rate of cooling based on workload. The total weight of the system with a two liter ice bottle is approximately 12 pounds, and lighter weight systems are available. Because close to skin garment suit is worn inside of the first layer of anti conatmination PPE, it is considered personal clothing, not a contamination control barrier. The suit can be monitored through monitoring control system and if not contaminated, released for normal laundering and reuse. The garment can be laundered hundreds of times and has life expectancy as long as most other reusable PPE. The external components of PICS, i.e., harness, bottle, pump, and insulated bag can remain in the contaminated area until the work is complete. Coolant circulation tubing connections are quick connect type and are leak proof and self-sealing even when disconnected.Dimensions of Tech Model (LxWxH):Weight of Tech Model (lb):


Increases worker stay time in high temperature areas by controlling heat stress. Improves worker comfort thus helping to increase worker productivity.


Wearing the backpack containing the ice bottle, pump, and battery adds bulk for the worker who is also wearing PPE and possibly other equipment, such as a lapel air sampler and a battery powered respirator and while performing tasks such as climbing scaffolding. However, the cooling benefits far exceed the limitations and generally make up for the added weight that is carried. Smaller and thus lighter weight ice bottles are available but provide less cooling time. The only other major limitation is the amount of cooling capacity in two liters of ice. If a chemical cooling medium other than water is used to increase cooling capacity, the safety and ease of using tap water is then lost.




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