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Technology Factsheet

Sponge-Abrasive Decontamination System

Category: Decontamination > Surface Cleaning > Sponge Blasting
Reference # : Model No : 85L

The AEA Technology Engineering Services decontamination system consists of four main components: the sponge-abrasive media, the media delivery unit, the media blast head and seal plug, and the media recovery system. The sponge is made of a water based urethane matrix. Sponge media can be embedded with numerous abrasives depending on desired surface profile. The sponge media is propelled toward the surface to be cleaned. During surface contact, the sponges expand and contract, exposing the embedded abrasive and creating a scrubbing effect. The sponge then recoils and collapses around the contaminant, trapping the contaminant/dust within the sponge matrix. The delivery unit provides abrasive sponge particles to the blast head using a high-pressure air stream. The blast head assembly consists of a remotely operated delivery nozzle integral with a vacuum capture enclosure and pipe-end leak seal to contain and recover the sponge particles. Dimensions of Tech Model (LxWxH): 31" x 30" x 56" Weight of Tech Model (lb): 570 lbs.


Media can absorb contaminants unlike conventional media Media can absorb liquids, i.e. oils Media is recyclable Various grades of media are available to adapt to different surface conditions No size limitations on parts to be stripped Eliminates the use of water Can selectively remove individual coatings Systems are modular and require minimal setup time The six-to-one compressibility of the sponge media minimizes the volume required for waste disposal.


Media may cause metal substrate damage Requires subsystem for media recovery and recycling and dust collection and control If media is recycled too many times, the dust level increases dramatically




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