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Technology Factsheet

Excel Automatic Locking Scaffold

Category: Worker Health & Safety > Engineering Controls > Mechanical Retrieval
Reference # : OST No 2320 , DOE/EM-0482 Model No : EALS

The innovative technology is an improved, positive-locking, modular scaffold that eliminates staging shortcomings using a design developed by experienced carpenters. Since commencing production, the Excel design has proven itself capable of dramatically lowering total scaffold labor expenditures and reducing critical path time for maintenance work activities in a variety of industrial applications. Excel was designed and engineered to be constructed using the same requirements specified by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and California Occupational Safety Health Program, the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (CAL/OSHA), that have been historically used with tube and clamp and other scaffold systems. The Excel Automatic Locking Scaffold is compatible with tube and clamp scaffold and can be used in conjunction with the tube and clamp scaffold when necessary. The innovative technology utilizes a patented positive locking trigger mechanism that locks the horizontal bearers and other attachments to the vertical legs The trigger mechanism attaches to cups on the vertical legs, spaced at 5.75-in intervals. Horizontal and vertical pipes are designed to be compatible with standard 1.90-in OD tube and clamp material. Vertical legs range from 1-ft to 10-ft. Horizontal bearers range in length for 1-ft to 10-ft. Diagonal braces range from 4-ft to 10-ft. The system also can supply various pre-manufactured components such as ladders, spring-loaded swing gates, floor hatches, trusses, trolleys, chainfall, cantilever attachments, lifting attachments, stairs, ca sters, screw jacks, and various other components (Figure 3). Scaffold users must be familiar with Federal, State, and Local regulations governing scaffold construction and use. Only qualified and competent users should erect, modify, or dismantle the scaffold.Dimensions of Tech Model (LxWxH):Weight of Tech Model (lb):


·Reduce number of parts by 40%-45% ·60%–70% reduction in labor costs due to quicker assembly ·60%–70% ALARA dose reduction ·Excel scaffold meets year 2000 OSHA handrail requirements


The Excel Automatic Locking Scaffold performed well during this demonstration. There were no significant technology limitations. Minor problems are discussed below and have already been addressed by the vendor where applicable. · In assembling scaffold in areas where there is an excessive amount of obstructions such as pipes and electrical conduit, it may be more effective to use the baseline scaffold. · The innovative technology is slightly more difficult to decontaminate than the baseline scaffold. The attachment point cups on the vertical legs can collect airborne particulates and must be sprayed out or cleaned individually. · The workers recommended that the vendor design ladder brackets so the ladder can be attached on the inside of the tower rather that only for the outside. · Based on the cost determination of this demonstration, if the scaffold is left in place more than 11 weeks, the baseline technology would be more cost effective to use.




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