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Technology Factsheet

Concrete Dust Suppression System

Category: Waste Management > Waste Treatment > Misc-Treatment
Reference # : OST No 2154 , DOE/EM-0411 Model No : CDCS

The dust suppression system is an attractive alternative to traditional methods of controlling dust, which involve spraying water with a manned fire hose. The improved system is mounted on an excavator fitted with a hoe-ram and consists of a water tank, pump, spray nozzles, and controls.The entire dust suppression system is built from off- the-shelf commercially available parts except for the skid framework, which was custom fabricated. Dust suppression water in a 2,044-liter (540-gallon) water tank is replenished through a fire hose with a quick-disconnect fitting mounted on the tank supply pipe. The connection must be made every time the tank requires refilling. The water supply tank may require refilling several times daily, depending on the demands of dust control.


Large reduction in the amount of water used and wastewater needing treatment Reduction in labor required Easy operation Acceptable control of dust and of potential spread of airborne contamination.


The ram operator’s ability to see the ram point penetrating the wall is limited by the water spray. The ability to focus the water spray is affected by windy conditions. The fittings on the spray nozzles must be checked at the start of each day for tightness.




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